Android TV/Amazon FireTV

How to Insatll IBiZa TV on Android TV(sideload apps)
1 Download IBIZA APP and Save to a USB Stick Download from IBIZA Official website 2 go to Setting>Securi...
星期三, 20 十月, 2021 在 2:28 PM
How to Insatll IBiZa TV on Amazon Fire TV?
1 Enable [Apps from unknown sources]   2 Install "Downloader" APP   3 Open browser in "Downloader" APP and visit page 4 Download IBI...
星期三, 3 十一月, 2021 在 11:08 PM
How to use IBiza TV(Android TV) Activation code?
1 Click " My Account/Login" button on the top menu. 2. Use your mobile phone to scan the qrcode.  3. enter your login/passwo...
星期三, 11 三月, 2020 在 4:37 PM
What TV boxes can IBiza TV be installed on?
You can install IBIZA TV app on  any TV box with Android system, please refer to the following page for details.
星期天, 3 十月, 2021 在 7:29 PM
What is the difference between IBiza TV1/TV2/TV3/TV4?
Service Name Content TV1 JAV-Prem F Exclusive  porn collection TV2 Hardcore DRP uncensored JAV TV3 CaoCao-SOD SOD Exclusive  porn collection TV4 ...
星期三, 3 十一月, 2021 在 11:05 PM
What is the password for the parental lock.
By default , the password for parental lock is "0000". 
星期三, 11 三月, 2020 在 4:06 PM
How can I check my subscription status on IBIZA Android TV APP
login your IBiza Accont Your subscription status shows here
星期三, 3 十一月, 2021 在 11:09 PM
How to Subscribe IBiza TV online
1. subscribe from  IBiza Offical website( .  2. subscribe directly from Android TV APP UI on the top menu, you can find &...
星期三, 3 十一月, 2021 在 11:10 PM